Miss Mathre's

Penguin WebQuest

 1st/ 2nd Grade



    Welcome to Miss Mathre's Penguin WebQuest.  I challenge you to become a penguin expert.  You will work with your book buddy to learn everything you can about your type of penguin.  You will print one picture of your penguin to share with the class.  You will work to find interesting and important facts and write an informational paragraph that you will present to the group.  Good luck on your journey to becoming a penguin expert! 



The students will use technology and book resources to gather data or information on "Penguins". The teacher and students will create a classroom presentation from the information provided in the resources.  Through teacher led class discussion the students will identify problems, organize electronic information and make predictions with regards to the life of a penguin. The grade one students will be introduced to some different species of penguins and be able to discuss their similarities and differences, where they live and what they eat, and some interesting facts about each penguin.  They will then practice good speaking, listening and viewing skills when presenting their information. 


1. The teacher will use the SmartBoard to explain good speaking, listening and viewing skills. 

2.The 7th grade "book buddies" will show examples and non-examples of speakers, listeners, and viewers. 

3.  The students will go to the computer lab and compile facts about their type of penguin.  They will write their facts on the Penguin Fact Chart.  They will also print ONE picture of their penguin. 

4.  The students will work with their "book buddies" to write an informative paragraph about their penguin.  They will organize, discuss, draw conclusions, and make predictions about the life of a penguin. 

5.  The 1st graders will practice their speaking skills and prepare for their presentation. 

6.  The 1st graders will present their informative paragraph and picture to the class.  They will be sure to include any interesting facts they have learned. 

7.  The students will practice good listening and viewing skills while their classmates present. 

8.  The students will use self-assessment to determine their grade. 


Links to Resources: (Click on the pictures!)

Cool Penguin Page

Kid Facts

Penguin Kid Zone

Kid Konnect Penguins

Mrs. Bauer's Penguin Page

Adelie Penguin


Chinstrap Penguin


Emperor Penguin


Galapagos Penguin


Gentoo Penguin


King Penguin


Magellanic Penguin


Rockhopper Penguin


Little Blue Fairy Penguin


Yellow-eyed Penguin


Erect-Crested Penguin


Fiordland Penguin



Humboldt Penguin

African Penguin

Snares Island Penguin

Royal Penguin



Macaroni Penguin




    You will evaluate yourself/your book buddy in several areas.  It is important to be honest.  Please evaluate your work in finding facts, writing the informative paragraph, practicing speaking, presenting your penguin, and listening to the other presentations. 

Book Buddy Student Assessment

1st Grade Self-assessment


    Congratulations!  You are now a penguin expert.  Miss Mathre is very proud of you and thankful for all your hard work.  Now all you have to do is share your knowledge with family, friends, and share with other students.  Keep passing along your penguin knowledge!