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Planned Improvement for the School and District
Spoon River Valley Senior High School


  1. Increase in math scores on PSAE
  2. Initiation of writing across the curriculum
  3. Algebra I for eligible 8th graders
  4. 3 years of math required for graduation
  5. New textbook adoption for special education math and science
  6. Tutorials in math after school on a weekly basis
  7. Dual credit offerings via on-site, on-line, and distance learning
  8. ACT prep workshops held throughout the year
  9. Extensive work with Explore and Plan Test for 9th and 10th graders
  10. Increases in fine arts enrollment
  11. Continued student assistance program improvement
  12. Improvement on scores in reading on PSAE


Areas of Planned Improvement:

  1. Continued emphasis on increased math achievement
  2. Special education teachers will attend workshop pertaining to special education student achievement on standardized tests
  3. Continue development of writing across the curriculum development
  4. Increase the amount of reading of non-fiction
  5. Continue double blocking Algebra I
  6. Continue developing special education math curriculum
  7. Continue offering 8th grade Algebra I