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Planned Improvement for the School and District
Spoon River Valley Junior High School



  1. Continued high scores in science and social studies on standardized testing                                                                        
  2. High scores in 8th grade reading
  3. Algebra I for 8th selected 8th grade students
  4. Continued improvement on student assistance program
  5. Humanities course for junior high students
  6. Technology course for junior high students
  7. Continued work with career exploration



Areas of Planned Improvement:

  1. Continued emphasis on math achievement
  2. Algebra I for select 8th graders
  3. Use of textbooks to supplement resources for 7th and 8th grade math
  4. Increase the reading of non-fiction by students
  5. Continue emphasis on inter-disciplinary content
  6. Continue test preparation for standardized tests
  7. Continue emphasis on writing across the curriculum